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This are is a list of rules that generate points throw through user actions:

  1. A version has been archived
  2. A version has been created

  3. A version has been merged into another

  4. A version has been moved

  5. A version has been released

  6. A version has been unarchived

  7. A version has been unreleased

  8. An issue is assigned

  9. Before an issue is deleted

  10. A user starts watching an issue

  11. A user stops watching an issue

  12. A user mentions another user on an issue

  13. An issue is closed

  14. An issue is commented

  15. An issue's comment is deleted

  16. An issue's comment is edited

  17. An issue is created

  18. An issue is deleted

  19. An issue is moved

  20. An issue is reopend

  21. An issue is resolved

  22. An issue is updated

  23. A user work is logged in a issue

  24. A user work log is deleted

  25. A user work log is updated

  26. A user starts a work

  27. A user stops a work

  28. A project component has been created

  29. A project component has been updated

  30. A project is created

  31. A project is deleted

  32. A user changes to the generic status